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Comprehensive verifications & criminal record research 

Unparalleled Customer service        

Frustrated with the lack of communication with your current vendor? Each client is assigned an Account Manager. Your account Manager is the central point of contact who will address client concerns, and work to develop the elements of your background investigation program. Unique to the background investigation industry, each background investigation is assigned to only one researcher who is responsible for all aspects of the services that will be conducted. 

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    Our researchers conduct a two-part verification of employment. Verification of employment through Human Resources is conducted to confirm job title, dates of employment, responsibilities, reason for departure, and eligibility to return.

    An additional step in the employment verification includes an interview with the candidate’s supervisors and professional references. Individuals with firsthand experience working with the prospective employee provide specific information regarding the candidate’s work history, including but not limited to duties, work performance, strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments. The results of our interviews are reported in a narrative format unique to each candidate and employer. Our reports utilize our researchers’ comprehensive experience to develop vital information required by recruiters to make a hiring decision.

    Our cutting edge technology has compiled an extensive database of employers and educational institutions, and their procedures and contact information to verify employment, degrees and diplomas. This database streamlines the verification process with the information provided by the applicant and results in a quicker return of vital information for our clients. Our verification program will automatically generate emails to appropriate parties in Human Resources and schools. Verifiers complete a form filler PDF in just a few minutes and their response instantly populates the candidate’s report in our system and the results are immediately available for review by the prospective employer. No longer dependent on phone calls, telephone tag and faxes, our processes have reduced the time to return verifications by 70%.

TABB INC. will help fight the rising costs facing students in health care studies. Administrators and students will benefit from the high volume of health care related background investigations and immunization management conducted by TABB INC.

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    Our investment in technology has automated processes, which reduces overhead. As a result, we are able to pass significant savings on to students and colleges. Our mobile program provides a seamless integration of our services working with the student, college and health care facility to minimize the involvement of college administrators in the process, saving you time and money. Student background investigation policies vary from hospital to hospital. TABB INC. has the experience and the flexibility to develop a student background investigation and student immunization program that will meet the requirements of the health care facility where the student is assigned. Visit our student background section for more information.

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TABB INC. has conducted behavioral based reference checking for over thirty years with the goal of providing substantive information for recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate which will result in an informed hiring decision. Our research enhances hiring processes, and confirms the most qualified candidates. 

There are hundreds of background vendors. Why choose TABB INC.?

Huge background vendors boast that they have thousands of employees and offices around the world. Where does that leave an employer that requires dedicated customer service? Lost in the crowd.

Our U.S. based employees provide the personalized service you deserve. Unique to this industry, an Account Manager is assigned to each client, and only one researcher manages all aspects of the background investigation on each candidate. One call to our researcher is all it takes to discuss all aspects of the candidate’s background investigation, including special handling.


Looking for a true background check partner? Don’t let a high tolerance for pain stop you from exploring the services of a new vendor. 

Your first step toward a safe and more productive workforce.


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    The researcher’s name, telephone number and email address is located in each report. Recruiters are encouraged to reach out to our researchers to discuss any area of the background investigation, or request specialized handling to focus in on specific concerns. Our researchers act as an extension of your HR department, and a rapport develops with your recruiters. We gain an understanding of your concerns and priorities, and clients gain confidence in the quality of our work.