Our secure student mobile friendly platform utilizes proprietary software specifically designed to manage the interaction of the student, the college, and TABB INC. Students create their account within our reporting system and order required services in the same manner used by individuals when they make purchases at online stores. We created a background investigation, drug screening and document management “online store” to manage a variety of options for students and colleges. The result is a tailored solution that meets your requirements as well as those of the health care facility and manages the student process with minimal intervention from college administrators.

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  • Background Checks

  • Our extensive work with the health care industry and colleges has resulted in the successful implementation of student background investigation programs. Our flexibility is key to developing a program that meets the goals of the college and the facility where the student is assigned.

    Student background investigations are an important part of our business plan. Each college account is assigned a dedicated Student Account Manager that will ensure a program is in place that will satisfy the requirements of the health care facility, the college, and the students. The Manager is available to respond to college administrators and student concerns, and handle those last minute requests when students face a deadline.

    Our program provides a seamless integration, by working with the student, college, and hospital to minimize the involvement of college administrators in the process, saving you time and money.

  • Student Drug Screening

  • Student background investigations and drug screening can be conducted in one step through TABB INC. We partnered with LabCorp and Quest, leaders in diagnostic testing with over 6000 testing locations accredited by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration in order to provide our clients with fast, accurate and inexpensive drug screening. Their experienced staff will provide each applicant with a professional environment during the specimen collection process, and a state of the art laboratory will test all positive results twice to confirm and validate the test process.

    Standard panels test for the most common drugs abused in society. Custom drug panels that are required by healthcare facilities to meet particular concerns and requirements are available at no extra cost.

    Our electronic processing and online scheduling streamlines the steps for your candidate. Our Medical Review Officers (MROs) are licensed physicians and will review each positive result. The MRO will review and evaluate results with the student to ensure accurate and reliable results.

  • Student Immunization and Document Management

  • Our mobile friendly platforms helps school health care programs quickly and easily manage the required documentation students must submit for approval. Students easily upload immunizations and other required documents for review into their account with us. Administrators may review documents submitted by students from their account with TABB.

    The TABB Student Immunization and Document Management System offers the following benefits:
    • Converts a time-consuming paper process into an efficient digital format
    • From their account with TABB, students can manage their requirements on a tablet or phone
    • No need to fax, copy or print documents. Students can scan or take a photo of documents with their phone and easily upload for review
    • TABB has the ability to create unique immunization and document reports to meet health care requirements
    • College administrators can easily manage the document review process from their account

    Our student document management software will fully manage submissions that require a titer, new immunization(s), and expiring documents or immunizations. Administrators will have the ability to approve, reject, or mandate additional steps the student must follow after reviewing submissions. The administrator can include comments with each change of status to fully inform the student regarding each requirement. Each time the status is changed, the student will receive an email that will include the updated status and any comments made relating to the review of an immunization or document submission. Our system also generates reminders for students to upload required documents.

    This immunization and document management service is available free of charge for our college clients if college administrators manage the review of immunizations and other documents internally.

    If requested, TABB will manage the process and evaluate student submissions for the approval or rejection of documents, and we will monitor expiring documents for an additional fee.

Student Background Screening

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