Does Your Vendor Outsource Overseas?

Did you know that most background investigations are outsourced overseas?

Huge background investigation vendors have thousands of employees working overseas. Small and medium-sized vendors often operate as a shell, with a home office in the United States and just a few employees working here. These vendors outsource their employment and education verifications to foreign companies that actually conduct the verifications from overseas. Not only is the distance between the individual conducting the research and the employer in the United States a concern from the standpoint of customer service, a more important concern is the protection of the candidate’s personal identification. Employers should ask current and potential vendors if their candidate’s data and the verification process will be outsourced overseas.

Where is your candidate’s PII sent and where are your verifications conducted?

Shortcuts and outsourcing verifications overseas reduces the vendor’s costs. Cost reductions are not passed on to the client. The other side of the equation is a service that has a negative effect on Human Resources. The result is a process that is less accurate, has less accountability and a greater potential for identity theft. Offshore providers must inform Human Resources how the candidate’s personal data will be accessed, handled, and protected overseas.

What type of security measures have been implemented 6,000 miles away? Does it meet due diligence obligations? Will the vendor’s overseas operations meet the special requirements for specific industries such as JCAHO’s background check guidelines for the health care industry? Will an overseas call center understand your concerns?

Service is our number one priority. TABB INC. is a United States based corporation. We do not outsource criminal record research, employment or education verifications overseas. All aspects of a candidate’s background investigation are assigned to one TABB researcher. The name of this researcher along with their phone number and email address will appear in the report that we prepare. Recruiters and hiring managers are encouraged to reach out to our researchers with any questions or special instructions.