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Our on-boarding commitment
Our goal is to provide a smooth on-boarding process for your candidates. Completing your background investigations quickly and accurately is of the utmost importance to us. Delays and inaccurate information can affect a candidate’s first impression of your organization.
Unique to this industry, each background check is assigned to only one U.S. based researcher who is responsible for all aspects of the research. Our researchers will reach out to candidates by phone or by email when we are unable to confirm information provided on the application or need additional information. 

Employment And Education Verifications

Recruiters may request TABB INC. to conduct specialized handling regarding an applicant and their work history to focus in on specific concerns. Our cutting edge technology has compiled an extensive database of employers and educational institutions that includes their procedures and contact information to verify employment, degrees and diplomas.

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Criminal Record Research

Conducting accurate and compliant criminal record research is a primary concern for the employer and the applicant. In addition to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), statutes governing criminal checks and what criminal records can be reported to a potential employer vary by state. It is the responsibility of the background investigation company to understand the criminal record research process in each state, and conduct the most thorough and comprehensive search allowable by law through a primary source.

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Comprehensive electronic fingerprinting is available at more than 1300 sites.

Identity And Address Trace

The cornerstone of a comprehensive and compliant criminal record research program is a thorough search in every jurisdiction where the candidate has lived. However, most applications only ask for a current address, and it is not known how long the candidate lived there.

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Fifty State Sex Offender Searches

A national sex offender database provides a comprehensive search of publicly available sexual offenders from all fifty states. The availability of the records varies by state and is dependent upon each state’s policy regarding the availability and publication of records.

E-Reference Checks

We are constantly working on innovative solutions that will reduce client “pain points”, areas that cause delays, hinder the recruiting process, and increase cost and time to hire. Leveraging our technology and our vast experience conducting behavioral based background investigations, E-Reference Checks (ERC) takes reference checking to a whole new level.
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FACIS, OIG, SAM and State Excluded Party Research for the Medical Industry

For the medical industry, a search of OIG and GSA databases are conducted for individuals who have been sanctioned. This research will often develop a name match of individuals on whom we are searching, particularly those who have common names. Often, personal identifiers that could match an individual in these databases with your applicant, or confirm the record does not belong to the applicant, are not available. TABB INC. will conduct additional research at no additional charge to confirm whether your applicant is a match or not. TABB INC. will not post name match only results without further research.

FACIS is a collection of current and historical healthcare exclusions, debarments, disciplinary actions, and healthcare sanction screenings. A search is conducted of OIG, GSA/SAM including SDN, FDA, DEA, TRICARE, FBI, U.S. DOJ, U.S. Treasury Dept., U.S. State Dept., Federal District Attorney General, Medicare/Medicaid Opt-Out Lists and 2,500 state-level Medicaid Exclusions, State Contractor Disqualification/Debarment Lists, HEAT Task Force, and State Attorney General lists.

Credit History

Applicants with financial responsibilities may require a credit check. Our report will include current and former addresses, the social security number on record with the credit bureau, current and former employers. A summary of the applicant's credit history will be provided indicating the status of credit accounts and will include judgments, liens, bankruptcy and collection accounts, if any.

Social Security Administration Consent Based Verification

The Social Security Administration has a consent based verification program to verify a person’s name and social security number. The Social Security Administration is the only governmental agency or organization that has the correct identity of an individual and allows confirmation for employment purposes. This search assures that the criminal record check is conducted on the applicant using the correct identity and that the applicant has a valid Social Security number.

Driving Records & Professional Licenses/Certifications

Driving records are available in the forty-eight states that have provisions by law to release this information for employment purposes.

Our service conducts primary source verification of professional licenses and certifications. We provide the date granted, the license status, and if there are any negative findings.

Drug Screening

Pre-employment drug screening proactively protects employers from the potential negative impact of hiring individuals with substance abuse issues. Additionally, our drug screening fulfills federal, state and occupational mandates. Maintaining a safe and productive work environment is critical for businesses, their clients, and their employees. TABB INC. has partnered with LabCorp and Quest to provide the fastest, most secure services possible to our clients.

Standard panels test for the most commonly abused drugs. Custom drug panels that meet your particular concerns and requirements are available at no extra cost. Our electronic processing and online scheduling streamlines the steps for your candidate. Our Medical Review Officers (MROs) are licensed physicians and will review each positive result. The MRO will review and evaluate results with the candidate or student to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Student Background Screening

Our secure mobile friendly student platform utilizes proprietary software specifically designed to manage the interaction of the student, the college, and TABB INC.
We created a background check, drug screening and document management “online store” to manage a variety of options for students and colleges. The components of the background check required by the facility will be researched and a mobile report will be created for your students. The result is a tailored solution that meets your requirements as well as those of the health care facility and manages the student process with minimal intervention from college administrators.

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Electronic Form I-9 & E-VERIFY

According to a recent Society of Human Resource Management Magazine article, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will aggressively audit employer's I-9 processes and completed forms for compliance in the coming years. ICE officials have determined that audits are more effective and less disruptive than employer raids.

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