Helpful advice for applicants

The common assumption is that a background check is conducted on several candidates applying for a position and a recruiter decides who to hire based on the results. In most cases, the background investigation is usually conducted only on the finalist for the position that has already accepted the position.
A candidate faces substantial odds against them that they will be the one chosen as a finalist. Candidates should be prepared for the background investigation by contacting current and former employers, supervisors and any references that will be included on the employment application. Failing to do so may result in references and employers that fail to call back representatives of the background investigation company or worse yet, mistakenly provide false or unflattering information.
If you are going to list a company, organization or individual as a reference, always contact that source and notify them that you are applying for a position and that you are listing them as a reference. Discuss and highlight your experience and cover particular areas that you would like the prospective employer to know. Discuss your dates of employment, title, reason for leaving and eligibility to return with Human Resources. Far too often, HR records may show a supervisor that incorrectly reported your reason for termination, an incorrect title that was not updated in your file and other potential negative information that your record may contain. Don’t let mistakes ruin your opportunities or your career.
Most employment applications contain a clause that false statements on employment application are grounds for denying an employment opportunity or termination. Errors reported by the Human Resources Department at your prior employer could result in a determination that false statements were made and could result in the loss of an opportunity.
What information did the background check company supply to your potential employer? You can easily obtain a copy of your background investigation if you follow these simple steps. Always obtain a copy of your employment application and the employment authorization. The authorization you signed must include the name, address and telephone number of the company that will conduct the background investigation. Federal law states that the background investigation company must supply a copy of the report they provided to an employer at no charge.  A simple phone call to the background company will initiate this process.